About Me

Welcome to My Little Space Online

Greetings!!! My name is Ivette Matos, my childhood friends know me as Betty“.   I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and passionate about helping others.  I’m originally from New York and currently reside in Connecticut.  I have a wonderful husband, two children, a grandaughter, I call her Little Boo and I am Pooch mom to my Toy Poodle Fudge. 

A Little Bit About My Website

IvetteMatos.com offers trainings, tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs brand, marketing and grow as well as how to generate making money online through different online strategies.  My content covers ways  to help out entrepreneurs turn their passion into a business, while designing a lifestyle they love.  I will be sharing free content an trainings to help you on your journey to starting or growing a business.  I will be providing you with the best internet marketing tools and programs which will help you take your online business to another level while also sharing my own personal secrets and strategies on how I personally make money online.

I'll Be Your Mentor

When you decide you want to join forces with me, by signing up to my website, or through investing into the various tools and training i’m offering through my links, then I will ensure you get what you need to start your journey, plus, you can also connect with me through various links you see on this website.  Make sure you sign up so you can get your next steps, and how you can get in contact with me.

My Online Journey

In 2012, I started my journey into how to make money online and how to start a business from home.  My interest in working from home, frankly came out of need.  I needed to find ways to supplement my income and the most important reason, spend more time with my family.  I decided to combine my need with my passion of helping others and worked diligently and many hours after coming home from a 9-5 job and taking care of my family I worked in finding ways to start making money from home and I learned everything I could and I came to the conclusion that I love to teach, so it became my business, where I create, teach and generate my own income and be my own boss.

I am known to betransparent and honest, so you rest assure that you will get the best I have to offer.

I hope that you visit my site often and check out all I have to offer.